PowerHouse Electrical Services offers many products that make attractive and useful electrical upgrades:

On-Q Home Systems

PowerHouse Electrical Services is pleased to partner with Legrand On-Q, a worldwide leader in connected home solutions. Easily consolidate your telephone, internet, audio, intercom, camera, home theater, and lighting control products with an On-Q Home System. This centralized home connection center routes and distributes your home’s wiring in a clean, uncluttered manner that makes your system fully configurable to enhance your entertainment, comfort, and communication. Each system can be purchased separately or together as part of the Unity Home System.

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Unity Home System

The Unity Home System consolidates Legrand’s most popular On-Q home technology products such as camera, intercom, multi-room audio and lighting control into one convenient, easy-to-install system. Unity and its components are available exclusively in the Studio design for a customizable look and feel that enhances the décor of any home.

The Unity Home System is your home technology command center. Camera and intercom systems ensure you’re never too far from your child's bedroom or the front door. Turn on the lights or play music in any, or every, room of your home. Check local weather and adjust the temperature with the push of a button. Explore the videos and demonstrations below to learn more about Unity’s impressive array of features and benefits.

PowerHouse Electrical Services can help you with planning and installation of a customized Unity system for any new home construction project. Please contact us for more information, or to see a demo unit, visit the award-winning showroom of our sister company, Legend Lighting.

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Audio Solutions

Enjoy music throughout every room in your home, and even extend it to your deck or patio. You’ll be able to control the music source, power and volume from each location, creating a personalized sound in every room. Music sources include compact discs, digital music (from a computer or MP3 player), satellite radio, tuner, or other stereo equipment, and different sources can even be played simultaneously in different rooms of your home. You’ll also love the clutter-free look of unobtrusive in-ceiling and in-wall speakers and controls.

To download the Consumer Audio brochure, please click here. Download the "lyriQ Multi-Room Audio System in the Studio Design" here.

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Intercom Solutions

Easily communicate, monitor children or elderly, and screen visitors at your door from any room in the house.

We offer stylish designs that allow a hands-free reply, monitoring of multiple rooms at the same time, broadcasting to all rooms at once, and room-to-room communication for a private conversation.

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Camera Solutions

Have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones and home are safe while you are at home or away. These inconspicuous cameras can be set to display over the Internet via IP video, your television, or on a 7” LCD screen located in any room in your home. The cameras are easily adjustable and are low-light sensitive to ensure better viewing at night.

To download the Camera System brochure, please click here.

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Home Theater Solutions

Entertain friends and family or spend your free time relaxing at home with a Home Theater system. Add drama and excitement with a full range of cinematic surround sound using in-ceiling and in-wall speakers with a high performance sub-woofer.

Receive a true cinema experience in the privacy of your own home.

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Lighting Control Solutions

Setting your lights to the perfect level for any room, group of rooms, or the entire house has never been easier. With the push of one button you can select the designated room scene that fits your environment best. Homeowners can also enjoy the security of an Away Emulator which repeats the scene selections of the prior week to create the illusion that the home is occupied. Another popular option, the key fob remote, allows homeowners to turn on programmed lighting scenes before they even enter their home.

To download the Lighting Control brochure, please click here.

Landscape Lighting (turn-key)

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Why limit your enjoyment of your landscaping investment to daylight hours? Landscape lighting adds beauty, warmth, and value to your home while addressing your personal safety and security concerns.

Accent lighting will highlight key objects and focal points near or surrounding your home such as trees, plants in the garden, and water features.

We also offer various path lights to illuminate your walkways, enhancing safety in either a discreet or decorative manner depending on your style.

Cabinet Lighting (turn-key)

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Multiple layers of light near cabinetry add flexibility by changing the room’s mood, and enhancing functionality. Task lighting (to provide extra illumination for work areas) and accent or mood lighting (to add depth and interest to a space) bring comfort, dimension, and versatility to any area.

PES, working together with the lighting specialists at sister company Legend Lighting, can assist you in the design and installation of custom lighting systems for your cabinetry, incorporating the spaces above, inside and below cabinets, crown molding, and toe kicks.

Recessed Architectural Down Lighting

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PES offers a variety of options for recessed down lighting, including the latest technologies and trim options in LED, low voltage, fluorescent and incandescent light sources.

PowerHouse Electrical Services’ experienced estimating team, working together with the lighting specialists at sister company Legend Lighting, can help guide builders and homeowners though the selection and design process for using recessed lighting to create just the right lighting design for any home.

Dimmers, Sensors, and Timers

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Take better control of the lighting in your home with dimmers, sensors and timers. Dimmers allow homeowners to set the mood and also reduce the amount of energy used to power lights, resulting in energy savings and an extension of lamp life. Occupancy and vacancy sensors allow homeowners to take control of lights that are frequently and needlessly left on in high traffic areas and are ideal for bathrooms, utilities, kitchens and even pantries and closets.

Digital and analog timers allow homeowners to control exactly how long and when a light is on, helping to reduce unwanted energy use.

Specialty Devices and Plates

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Personalize your home with specialty devices and wall plates that enhance the safety and aesthetics of your electrical devices. Experience the convenience and safety of light/outlet combinations that can illuminate stairs, hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms at night. Tamper resistant outlets are an easy, effective solution to protect your children during day-to-day life at home. A Home Locator switch enables your outdoor lights to blink continuously with the touch of a button, calling attention to your home in the event of an emergency. Contact us to learn more about the many specialty electrical devices and decorative wall plates that will enhance your comfort and safety while complimenting the other design selections in your home.

Structured Media Solutions

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We can conveniently centralize all of your home’s networking cables, modules and panels for internet, television, and telephone in one location.

This will provide an organized, sturdy, easy-to-access solution for your home’s low voltage products.

Surge Protectors and Suppressors

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It only takes one voltage spike, typically caused by a lightning storm, power outage, or tripped circuit breaker, to help you see the importance of a surge protector or suppressor.

You have invested in the electrical equipment that is in your home (televisions, computers, appliances, etc.); now it’s time invest in protecting them.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

In the case of a power outage, the comfort of electricity is a luxury, and sometimes it’s not just an issue of convenience, but also safety. Having lights and air conditioning or heat can be a necessity in your household if you are caring for small children or elderly. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (generators) will keep your household calm and secure in the event of a loss of electricity.